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All Necklaces are made with Gemstones, Glass & Czech Glass beads, with Nickel & Lead Free components.

I will only note if different components are used.

Please click on image to view a larger size


N01-34"  Porcelain
N02-19"   Agate
N03-32"  Nickel-lead free components.
N04-18" Glass w/czech glass spacers.
N05-30" Resin w/wood.



N11-18"  Nickel-lead free components.
N12-28"  Turquoise Howlite pendant. Gold plated
N13-18"  Pearlized Porcelain
N14-26" Nickel-lead free components.
N15-17"  Nickel-lead free components.


N06-19"  Glass w/czech glass spacers
N07-18" w/3" extender  Gold plated w/rhinestone
N08-21"  Nickel-lead free components.
N09-32"  Antique Bronze metal components.
N10-24"  Antique copper metal components.



N16-18" Genuine Jade
N17-19" Agate

N18-18" Earrings 2" Mixed shell pieces w/acrylic beads.

N19-18"  Czech glass


N20-32"  Lava heavy pendant w/Ant. Bronze components.
N21-18"  Czech glass
N22-18" +3" ext. Ear.2"  Dyed colored chain with Antique metal rings.
N23-18" 18k White Gold plated pendant.

N24-18"  Agate



N25-18"+3" ext. Ear. 2" Dyed colored chain

with Antique metal rings.

N26-18" 18k White Gold

plated pendant.

N27-18" 18k White Gold plated pendant.

N28-32" Antique Bronze

metal components.


N29-30" Genuine Quartz

w/Gold Plated components.

N30-30"  Nickel-lead free


N31-32"  Czech glass
N32-21"  Mix of Sea glass & Glass


N33-21"  Dyed shell
N34-26" Glass

N35-32" Genuine Quartz

w/Nickel-lead free chain

N36-20"  Large Glass rounds.